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Blue Balloons for Sydney 

16 Jun

 You may have heard about the 17 year old, full of life, contagious spirit of a girl, Sydney Galleger who passed away due to complications from oral surgery this week. I grew up with her family and her aunt is still one of my dearest friends.  Her funeral is this Saturday 6/20/15 at 11:11am. To show our support, we are asking the community to display blue (whatever shade you can find) balloons in front of their house or business to celebrate Sydney’s huge heart and cherished 17 years of life. We want to blanket Eden Prairie and surrounding areas to honor Sydney. We’d love for the balloons to be up by 9:00am so that the Galleger’s can feel our love on the way to the funeral of their special girl. Thank you for showing your support! Please help spread the word! 


No matter where you live; Colorado (like me) or Canada or China, I’d love for you to participate!  Please just post a picture of your balloons to mommyapolis’s Facebook page and I will share them with the family!  Let’s show this family the power of a world wide community!  


Please also include the family in your prayers going forward.  Thank you!  

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