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Bunny Bags

27 Mar

Cute little bunny bags… I remember when Ben and I were dating and I went to his Parent’s house for Easter… I brought these little bags filled with treats as a “thanks for having me” gift for his family.  Of course at that time I didn’t know that his mom was an amazing chef and she made fancy treats and candy from scratch, but they still appreciated my gift!  Well, fast forward a few years and here we are having our boys make these bags!   They LOVED making them and it took them no time at all.  They would be fun little bags to bring as hostess gifts or even to have the kids make at your Easter gathering… I’ve made them with a classroom full of kids, as well… You can fill them with Easter grass and treats too!  So…. Here’s the Scoop:

You’ll Need:

Lunch size paper bags


Construction Paper

Cotton Balls or Puff Balls


Google Eyes (optional, you can also draw eyes on)

Pipe Cleaners (again Optional, construction paper works too)

Directions:  I went ahead and cut out the ear shape for my youngest, but depending on the age of your kids they could do this themselves- my older two did!  The rest is basically up to your child.  They can draw eyes, nose, and mouth.  They can use puff balls, google eyes and construction paper.  Whiskers can be made with pipe cleaners or construction paper.  Really what ever you want…. The cutest part (not shown) is to add a little cotton ball to the back side of the bag as a tail, :)…  Your kids will love this too, I’m sure of it!  “HOPPY EASTER”

Bunny Snacks

24 Apr

Well, I tried to make something a little bit healthier for a little Easter Snack this weekend.  I actually made them with items I had in the pantry, no need to do any special shopping…  The boys thought they were great and they were pretty fun to make too…  You can probably alter them using any ingredients you have around your house…  I used mini bagels, one spread with peanut butter the other with cream cheese.  I used pretzel sticks for ears, cheese for the cheeks and teeth, raisins for the nose, mini chocolate chips for the eyes (although small pecans would work too), and carrots for the whiskers.  Your kids could make their own if you just lay out the parts!  Enjoy and Happy Easter!

Bunny Cupcakes

18 Apr

I really wanted to make some cute bunny cupcakes with the boys.  I came across a picture on the web of a bunny made out of donuts and thought “ah, we can modify that and put it on a cupcake”… Well, it wasn’t that easy!  I debated even posting the idea here and then remembered that with children the process is what is fun, not always the product…  So although the product wasn’t everything I dreamed it to be, the process was pretty fun for my boys!  My 5 year old made the one pictured above and what made it so challenging was getting it to stay on the cupcake.  I cut the donuts for him an then gave him toothpicks and frosting as glue. The ears are held on with toothpicks and everything else is glued on with frosting.  He had no problem creating his idea of what a bunny looked like….  This little bunny lasted for about 5 minutes and not because we gobbled him up, either!  The donuts just kept tipping over.  Finally I took a toothpick and stabbed one end in the back of the donut and the other into the cupcake, and it held!  Well, it held until he decided he should eat it.  Then I had to take the toothpicks out so he could enjoy his creation!  All in all I’d give this project a B.  The boys enjoyed making them (they were a bit of a pain for mom), and eating them was pretty fun too! I’m not sure I’d venture into making these by the dozen for my guests, however!   Not the healthiest of alternatives for a treat either, but fun just the same!  I’ll have to work on a healthy bunny this week!  If you decide to make these, just keep telling yourself; process not product, process not product….

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