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Grilled Zucchini

12 Sep

Prepare yourself for a few more zucchini recipes… Did I mention I have zucchini growing everywhere?  They have taken over my garden…  They are like little green monsters popping up everywhere!  Oh and last week my neighbor dropped off a zucchini that a friend had given her- I kid you not it was the size of one of those little kids puffy plastic baseball bats.  I made two batches of banana chocolate chip zucchini muffins (recipe below, I just added 3 bananas), one batch of zucchini bread and a batch of zucchini brownies (I just added zucchini to my favorite brownie recipe).  After making all of these lovely zucchini baked goods I still had three fourths of that honker shredded and unused… I put it in my freezer just like that, hope that’s OK???

OK onto the grilled zucchini boats, here’s the scoop:

1.  Cut a zucchini in half length wise.  Scoop out the seeds just to make a little indentation for the cheese and tomatoes!

2.  Mix some fresh garlic with either olive oil or melted butter (your choice)… Brush this mixture all over the zucchini boats.

3.  Sprinkle fresh basil on top of the boat

4.  Add Mozzarella cheese

5.  Sprinkle with more fresh basil

6.  Top with thinly sliced cherry/grape tomatoes

7.  Grill on medium heat until cheese is melted and zucchini is soft but not mushy…


Caprese Salad + Cucumbers (using up my garden veggies)

9 Aug


Do you have a garden?  If so this post is for you… If not, this post is for you too because I know you have a grocery store or farmers market…. And really you’ll need a grocery store any ways unless Mozzarella grows in your garden :).

We were heading out on little picnic with some good friends of ours right before we left on vacation.  I wanted to make sure I used up our veggies so they wouldn’t go to waste while we were away.  Basically I just made a Caprese Salad and added cucumbers.  Nothing fancy, but it was really yummy!


Here’s the Scoop:




Mozzarella (I used Mozzarella Fresca)

Cucumbers (optional)

**  You really can add what ever you want

Balsamic Vinegar


Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper


Mix everything together in a big bowl.  I did end up cutting my cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.  In a separate bowl mix up a balsamic vinegar dressing (I use 1/4 cup Olive Oil, 3 Tablespoons Vinegar, a dash of sugar and salt and pepper).  Poor it over your salad and TADA…  Yummy!

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