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Pallet Furniture

1 May

My husband will be the first to tell you he’s never had the opportunity to learn how to build things..  He’s really artistic and very talented in both his job and his photography, but he has never been taught about puttin’ stuff together.  UNTIL NOW :)…  Our very handy and kind neighbor “Mr. Brian” helped Ben to build this awesome coffee table out of pallets.  Those men put some time and energy into getting this table just right and they did a fantastic job…  I can’t give you any details about how it was done because Ben is traveling right now, but what I do know is they did this based on a photo we found on pinterest.  As you can tell one of the pallets is upside down and as far as I know they did a lot of taking apart and putting back together.  Ben stained it and made it all “PERTY” for us…

Brian and Ben are now on to what they say is a more simple project, the pallet couch…  I’m anxious to see their rendition and to post pics for you!  For now you can gawk at our pallet coffee table :).  If you want to know specifics I’d be happy to have Ben send you an email, just let me know in the comments section!

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