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Cowboy Birthday Party- Yee Haw!

6 Dec

Shaeffer had his 6th Birthday Party on Saturday.  Living in Colorado brings out the best “COWBOY” in all of us, so we went with it!

DSC_4635-1We won this adorable package at our Young Life Auction this past summer and now was the perfect time to use it.  It included invitations, thank you cards, cupcake liners, cupcake toppers, a centerpiece and gift bags!  Thank you “Kids Cottage” in Edwards, CO for this amazing gift!  It made our party so much more western :).  If you are interested in these items they are made by Meri Meri and they are available at Amazon.


I love to give out books as my partying gifts at our birthday parties.  They cost about the same as filling a bag with trinkets that break and/or get thrown away with in the week, but books LAST!  This party had three different cowboy books to choose from!  I ordered the books from Amazon of course :).  

We gave all our guests Cowboy hats that we ordered online from Oriental Trading!  

Ben and my father in law made these AMAZING marshmallow shooters out of PVC pipes.  They followed an online tutorial similar to this one (click here) and I promise you they were the HIT of the party…  We tried setting up targets for them to shoot at, but lets be honest -the marshmallows ended up being shot at each other…  Don’t worry, they are not powerful enough for poking out an eye :).  SO FUN… SO SO FUN!

I knew I wanted to make “WANTED POSTERS” for all of the guests, but I didn’t want to pay a fortune to buy them through a website.  Fortunately good ole’ Martha Stewart had a printable template right on her website (click here) that was quick and easy to use.  Ben took pictures of all the kids as they arrived to the party.  While they were watching “Toy Story” we printed them off, cut them out, and glued them on.  This was our second “partying” gift for each of our guests…  They turned out really adorable!  

Since we watched Toy Story, we had to make “Bullseye”….

DSC_4749-1I always try to take a group shot at the party so we can use them for Thank You notes…  Of course we tried to have them give us their best “Cowboy” smile or lack of a smile :).

DSC_4668-1Here is our sweet sweet 6 year old wearing his groovy shirt from lilthreadzclothing.    When I asked him his favorite part of the party he told me he loved that his Kindergarten teacher, his 5th grade buddy, and all his friends were here with him.  Did I mention we have a very sweet boy?  Well We Do!  Happy Birthday Shaeffer K!  We Love You to Infinity and Beyond :).

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