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Lunch Box Notes….

3 Apr

I try to leave little notes in the boys snack boxes, lunch boxes, or backpacks every day.  I love imagining the looks on their faces when they open their snack/lunch and feel the love!  This morning they actually asked me for a note, which proved to me that it makes a difference to them…  They are only little once and I’m not sure they will want notes from me when they are 15 so I’m going for it now!  I try to cut out little shapes that have to do with something going on in their lives.  This week it’s Easter…  Next week I’m planning to do little airplanes because we are taking a trip on Friday.  I’ve done shapes during Sutton’s geometry unit, shamrocks for St. Patty’s Day, snowflakes on snowy days, and sunshines on sunny ones!  I encourage you to drop your little ones a note when ever possible!

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