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Penguin Valentine Box

6 Feb

I told you he loved Penguins…  He really wanted a penguin Valentine box, so here was our best attempt at one!  Here’s the Scoop:

You’ll Need:

*  A Box (I used a cereal box from Costco, but a shoe box would work fine too)

*  Black, White, Red, Orange/Yellow construction paper





Go ahead and wrap your box with the black construction paper.  I really just wrapped it like a gift.  I reinforced the seams with packing tape, but that isn’t completely necessary.  Once it was wrapped I cut a slit in the top of the box for the valentines to go in, I did this with a knife (maybe a bit unsafe).  I made it pretty big thinking incase someone handed out candy that would fit in, as well.  Once it’s wrapped, use the white paper to cut out a heart for the head and a semi circle for the belly…  You can draw these with pencil and let your child cut them out, or if your child is older, they can draw and cut themselves! We used yellow (we were out of orange) for the heart shaped beak and the heart shaped feet… Use the black paper to trace and cut wings.  I let him find the stickers he wanted for the front of the penguin.  We also put his name with puffy stickers on the top of the box so kids could see it from that vantage point.  Sutton cut and glued everything on himself (he is 5) and did the stickers himself too.  We ended up stapling the wings on because they kept falling off :).  He had a great time and although it’s not the perfect depiction of a penguin I think you can definitely tell what it is!  If your child is a bit penguin obsessed like mine, then this is perfect for you!

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