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Last Minute Scare!

31 Oct

The family and I are in Omaha, Nebraska visiting friends for Halloween… Between the two families we have 6 boys! My friend Lynn had to orchestrate her son’s school party and so we came up with this easy craft for her to do with them. My boys stayed home and we made the craft as well… It’s super easy, super cute, and might kill some time before trick or treating… All you need is paper, Q-tips, and glue!

To make:
1. Cut out a skeleton head and draw a face!
2. Glue the head to a black piece of paper and then let your child use the glue to stick on the q-tips. We tried two different methods and both worked fine. We put the glue directly on the paper and stuck the q-tip to it and then we also put the glue directly on the q-tip. Both methods worked well!
3. For the phalanges break the q-tips in half. It’s easier to bend them then to cut them!

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