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Skier Checklist

13 Dec

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 8.43.48 AM

We try our best as parents to foster independence within our boys…  This sign found it’s place on our back door today in honor of our first day of ski school!  I find making “lists” and “calendars” for our boys really helps them to feel confident in their ability to get things done on their own!  I literally popped this list off in a matter of 5 minutes adding all the things our boys specifically need to be prepared for a day on the slopes!  Shaeffer gets low blood sugar very quickly so we have to add a few extra snacks to ensure he doesn’t lose his cookies while out there!  I used some of my favorite clip art from melonheadz to make our check list a little more inviting!  Try it, you might just find yourself with a few more minutes and a few less frustrations on a busy morning!

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