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Fruit Rainbow

4 Mar

I love making snacks that are healthy… Isn’t it funny that the cuter a snack the more likely your kids are to eat it. This one is so easy and really a lot of fun! We make a fruit rainbow each year for St. Patrick’s Day, but it would also be fun for a rainbow party or quite frankly for any gathering or family dinner you have planned :). No directions needed (that’s the best kind of craft)…




Borax Crystal Designs

14 Feb


These hearts are so much fun to make, it’s almost like doing a science experiment and craft all in one. You really can make any shape, size, etc.. so don’t limit yourself to hearts! You’ll need Borax (which is a cleaning agent found in the laundry area of your local walmart, target, etc..), boiling water, mason jars, string, and popsicle sticks. Here are the directions:






Rainbows, Rainbows, and more Rainbows!

23 Feb



We made these “Salt Paintings” this week and it surely was a hit with my team…  You can either use liquid water color paints (these are different than traditional watercolor paints and are available at most craft stores…)  We didn’t have liquid water color paints so I just added a little food coloring to some water and we used that…  You’ll also need school glue and thick paper/canvas along with table salt…

1.  Have your child draw a rainbow with glue…



2.  Sprinkle the glue rainbow with a pretty good amount of salt…  be ready for a bit of a mess 🙂

3.  Use your water paints to paint the rainbow… It’s fun to see the color spread…



Let your rainbow dry and you’ll end up with a fun & textured piece of art!



If salt isn’t your favorite medium maybe you’d prefer a little shaving cream instead :).  These bath paints are loads of fun!







Rainbow Bath Paints…  Mix unscented shaving cream with food coloring to make a fun bath time activity.  They also make “washable” liquid watercolor paints that would work, as well…


A fruit rainbow is always a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or any day for that matter…  YUMMY!



Fruitloop Rainbow… Lots of glue, lots of fun!




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