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Summer Journal or Life Book

9 Jun

So many parents have asked me how to keep up the academics over the summer.  One idea that I have came from my own classroom.  I used to job share 2nd grade with my dear friend Kim and we did this with our students.  It really can be adapted for any age or academic ability and it’s super simple!  Here is how it works……  Each day take a picture of your child doing something.  Maybe you’re at the zoo or maybe you are playing with the hose in your back yard.  Maybe you are on a family trip to Mount Rushmore or doing puzzles on a rainy day.  What ever it is, snap a quick picture and print it off…  Tape the picture to a piece of paper and have your child write about what they are doing in the pic. If you don’t have the ability to print the picture, just show it to your child and have them write about it.  You can always add the picture later.   Its’ a great way to remember your summer and practice your writing while you’re at it.  Younger children may only write one or two words where older children may chronicle their day in paragraphs.  You can bind your “life book” together in a binder and have a collection of summer memories to look back on.  We are starting our Life Book next week and I can hardly wait!  It will be fun to look back at each summer and not only see what we did each day, but see how our writing has improved.  You can do a journal entry each day, every other, or even just a couple times a week….  Adapt it to fit your family!

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