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Fall Sunset Creations

5 Oct




When we think about fall we are constantly reminded of the beautiful changing leaves and bushes.  But there are so many other beautiful things that happen in fall, as well.  One think I love in particular is the beautiful sunsets we get in the fall.  In Minnesota it’s especially amazing to watch the gorgeous orange, yellow and pink hues of the sun reflect of the lake.  In Colorado it’s pretty spectacular to see the Alpine Glow off the snowcapped mountains!  Here is a project that was done by using modge podge to stick tissue paper on a canvas to resemble a sun setting.  I first had the kids spread a thin layer or modge podge on a blank canvas.  They then  placed blue and purple tissue paper on top of the modge podge and then put another layer of modge podge on top of that.  They then cut out their sun how ever they wanted and added more tissue and modge podge to the top of it!  This is what they got:  TADA!


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