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17 Apr

Happy Birthday Baby Eaglets!

Sorry for such a delay in posting…  We’ve had a lot going on around here and just have not had time to post our latest creations!  I have a few that I’ll try to post this week just to catch up!

Our family has been addicted to watching the Decorah Eagle Cam and the Eaglets that were recently born.  If you have not had a chance to watch it, click HERE (DECORAH EAGLE CAM) and you’ll be mesmerized!  The boys got to watch all three eaglets crack out of their eggs, so cool.  I don’t think that this camera will be up much longer so take a peek when you can!  They will put the cameras up again next spring when the eagle family welcomes it’s newest members!

Here is a little project we did to commemorate the birth of the newest eaglets!  This would also be a cute craft to welcome any little birdies you might see this time of year…

We used chinese noodles, wild rice, white glue, construction paper and cotton balls.  We drew our eyes on construction paper, but you could also use googley eyes!  You can tell that these were not completely dry when we took the pic, but the glue does dry clear!  Very adorable!

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