Earth Day Project

21 Apr

Today in Kindergarten we started our first Earth Day Project….  Paper Mache Earths…  We RECYCLED old newspaper and used eco friendly paste to make a fun project… Here are the directions!  I will post the pictures after we paint them…

1.  Cut several 1 inch strips of newspaper

2.  Blow up a balloon (7 or 9 inch)… The smaller you blow them up the more “circular” they are…

3.  Make the paste by mixing 1 part flour with 2 parts water.

4.  Carefully dip a strip of paper into the paste… I always slide my hands down the strip after I dip it to get any excess paste that might drip off.

5.  Place the strip on the balloon.

6.  Continue the process criss-crossing the strips and covering the entire balloon with newspaper.  You can repeat the process several times so you’ve done several layers of newspaper on the balloon.  The more newspaper the stronger it will be!  You will want to make sure to cover the knot of the balloon too…

7.  Let the paper mache dry.  You can set the balloon in a cup to dry, just make sure to flip it after several hours so both sides get a chance to dry.  You can also just lay it on a piece of plastic and again flip it half way through the drying process.

8.  Using a permanent marker you will want to “Draw” an outline of the continents, depending on the age of your child he/she may be able to do this themselves.  It DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT… It’s just for the paint to have a bit of an outline…

9.  Paint Away… We will use green to paint the inside of each of our drawn continents and blue for the rest (oceans)…

So cute!  ENJOY….

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