Homemade Bubbles

26 Apr

My son and I take a class at the EP Family Center for two/three year olds…  This is the recipe they gave us for bubbles… I’ve made these before at school and used 2teaspoons of Glycerin in place of the Karyo Syrup and it’s worked just as well…  This is a great time of year for bubbles, ENJOY…

2 Cups Joy Dish Soap 
6 Cups Water 
¾ Cup White Karo Syrup   
Combine, shake, and let settle for 4 hours before using.  
Store covered in the refrigerator to extend suds shelf life.
Then allow warming before using.    

Bubble Tips. 
•  Do not stir wand in suds, this avoids foaming.
•  If foam develops, scrape off with stiff card. 
• Keep suds clean, avoid dirt, grass, bugs etc. 
•  Use a 9x13 cake an or pizza pan for suds. 
•  Bubbles are best on humid days 
•  Joy and Karo syrup work best. Other brands don’t work as well. 
•  Direct sun light weakens suds. 
•  If bubbles get in eyes, Rinse with water   
BUBBLE WAND.  Bend a metal hanger into desired shape...For small wands tie a twist tie to a straw.  

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