First Week of School Thank You…

7 Sep

Last year I had a student who did one of the nicest things for me at the end of the first week of school!  She drew me a “fancy” picture (it is Kindergarten) and her mom wrote a little note saying something like “Thanks for making the first week of school so special” and then they attached a package of M&M’s (how they knew they were my favorite, I’m not sure).  It was nothing expensive or extravagant, but it was really thoughtful.  The first week(s) of school can be really stressful on a teacher for so many reasons. We’re trying to get the room ready, learn new curriculum, attend a ton of meetings, make copies, meet families, OH AND make the children feel welcome and learn all about them (the part we enjoy the most)!  A thoughtful little note really made my week!  Maybe you can make the week of a teacher you know, as well…   M & M’s not required, but teachers do love treats!

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