Keep ‘um busy while traveling by plane…

23 Sep

When I explain this idea to people they look at me like I am absolutely crazy… Then I go on to tell them that it kept my boys busy for quite some time…  Here you go, here is a sneak peak….

Water painting…  Here is the scoop… I just asked for a cup of water and let them go to town… It didn’t make a mess, they didn’t spill it was awesome…

THE CATCH:  So what do you do with their wet art?   First off, I tried to convince them to keep working on one picture rather than doing multiple…  I then just collected their papers and held them in my lap.  I figured this was more about “process” than product and so I just pilled the pics one on top of each other (yes  I stacked them) and by the end of the flight they could have cared less where their pictures were… I tossed them in the flight attendants garbage bag and called it a day.

THE ALTERNATIVE TO THE CATCH:  If you know your child would want to bring their picture home, just pack a gallon size bag in your carry on and stick the pictures in it after they are complete…

I promise it was a great way to keep them busy!  Happy Flying!

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