New Years Eve Hats…. Or at our house, “NOON YEARS EVE”…

27 Dec

This year we thought our boys might enjoy the fun of New Years Eve… Usually they are fast asleep by midnight, and this year will be no different (in fact we might be sleeping too)…  So instead we are going to have a Noon Years Eve celebration complete with a countdown, party food, noise makers, and HATS…  Here are the simply, quick hats we made for our celebration.  I will post some other party favors and decorations this week, as well, so stay tuned!

Simply New Years Eve Hats:

1.  Cut a piece of clear packing tape so it will fit around your child’s head.  You can either do this by pre-measuring your child’s head with a tape measure or do like I did and just pull the tape out, place it sticky side out around the head, and then cut….

2.  Lay the tape flat, sticky side up, in front of each child.  This is now their canvas.

3.  Let them decorate to their hearts content.  By decorating I mean place the items on the sticky side of the tape. Now my boys were a bit more interested in their new Christmas legos this morning than they were in New Years hats, so they went pretty quickly.  We used pipe cleaners, curly ribbon and puffy balls.  I wanted to also use glitter and stickers, but it just wasn’t happening… Use what you have and have fun…  I think even with their limited attention spans this morning, they made some pretty cute hats!

4.  Once they are done decorating, cut another piece of clear packing tape (we just moved so this is in abundance at our house) the same length as your first piece and place it over the “canvas”…  try to get it as close as possible so that you don’t have any sticky tape getting caught in the hair.  You can always fold over, if needed, however.

5.  Attach the hat to your child’s head.  My boys were a little long so we just overlapped the ends and taped them together.  You could also staple them!  Happy NOON Year everyone!

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