Sparkling Jello with a New Years Eve Flare!

29 Dec

We’re going old school at our house with this recipe…  Jello just reminds me of being a kid!  This recipe is super easy and your kids will love it!  It makes a kind of bubbly, fizzy, pop in your mouth sort of jello which is fun for “Noon Years Eve”….  I mentioned it to my friend Ann and she said they used to make this recipe using club soda.  We used sprite, but I think club soda or ginger ale would be equally as successful!  I also read a recipe online where someone used cherry jello and coke for a sort of cherry soda flavor, sounds fun too!

I put this batch in some drinking glasses we have and then about an hour later located our plastic champagne flutes…  I am going to make another batch and place it in the flutes just for the cuteness of the holiday!

Here’s the Scoop:

1 small package of jello any flavor

1 cup boiling water

2 cups sprite, club soda, ginger ale, 7-up, etc.. (I call this fizzy drink in the recipe)

***  Dissolve the jello in 1 cup of boiling water.  Chill it in the fridge for 15 minutes.  Add 2 cups of “fizzy drink” to the jello.  Pour it into your desired serving dish/glass and let it set up over night….

***  OK a couple side notes…  I had a little extra so I just poured that in a juice glass.  I tried “whipping” it with a whisk this morning to see if it would froth up (thinking I could pour it on the top of the jello) but it didn’t froth.  What it did do is make lots of little bubbles inside the jello.  This might be kind of fun for a more “champagne” sort of a feel…  It was more liquid-ish but very bubbly.  I ended up just decorating ours with sprinkles and whip cream.  I would suggest making the whip cream because Reddi-Whip/Cool Whip will melt and not look as pretty…  The silver sprinkles are called “French Dragees”.

***  I guess that Jello USED to make a sparking white grape jello but it’s no longer in circulation… You might be able to find it at the dollar store or something, not sure, but it would be fun this time of year!

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