Turtle Cupcakes…

14 Jun

Last week my son’s school had an end of the year fundraiser .  One of the ways they asked parents to help was by donating something for the bake sale.  One thing we’ve learned about this particular school district is that they still allow home baked goods to be eaten and sold at school parties and functions.  For this particular project they asked that each item be individually wrapped for easy distribution at the sale.  I saw something similar to these cupcakes in my Family Fun magazine so we altered them a little bit and made them…  They ended up selling out at the bake sale, I think the candy on top was especially appealing :).

Here’s the Scoop:

1.  Make and frost any cupcake recipe you want 🙂

2.  We used peach rings, dots, chocolate chips, green fruit slices and frosting,  but you could also use sour apple rings (I didn’t see these until it was too late, but so cute because they are green), gummy worms, gum drops, green M&M’s etc…  be creative.

3.  Cut the fruit slices in half and then half again to make the turtles feet…  Really just try different shapes, I had to cut them a couple different times to get them the right shape.  I also thought if you could find solid green gummy worms it might be a little easier 🙂 to make the feet…

4.  I think the rest is pretty visual.  I used mini chocolate chips for the eyes, but wasn’t a huge fan of them.  You could use a food pen or chocolate sprinkle/jimmy and that might look better…

5.  The boys had fun putting them together, I think your kiddos would too :)!

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