Blueberry Lemonade…

29 Jun

I made these tonight for the boys as a sort of a teaser for the 4th of July.  Many of you know that we recently relocated from Minnesota to Colorado for my husband’s job with Young LIfe.  We still spends lots of time in the Twin Cities (just returned from a 2.5 week trip), but we are trying to make a new home out here in the west… We are excited to be a part of the Vail Valley’s 4th of July Extravaganza and we might just include these fun beverages for all our little buddies!  We all tried them and they were super yummy.  If you are wanting to “spike” them by all means go ahead.  For us, I think we’ll keep these to kiddie cocktails :).   Here’s the scoop…

I really wanted something that was light on the sugar and red, white, and blue.  I figured the watermelon would be my red, the ice my white and the beverage my blue.  I didn’t want grape juice because I thought that would be purple.  I didn’t want kool-aid because I thought that would not be as good for you, so I chose blueberry juice (available at Trader Joe’s and most grocery stores).  As you can see, blueberry juice is purple too- OH WELL- you live and learn…  My other thought was that you could do white grape juice, pop a few blueberries in the glass, and mix it with sprite or something fizzy for a sparkling white drink….  Also Red, White and Blue…


Mix each drink individually or make a big batch, your choice…

1 part blueberry juice or grape juice or blue Kool-Aid (you choose)…

1 part lemonade


****  You could blend it now for a freezie like drink, but I kept mine “on the rocks”  🙂

Watermelon for garnish (We used a cookie cutter to cut out star shaped watermelon)

Fun straws (I found mine at Pier 1)

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