A Little Montessori at Home…

19 Jul

Shaeffer attended an amazing preschool this past year, Mountain Montessori.  I love that what he has learned comes home on a daily basis.  WAY WAY back in May we had a little party with some neighbors.  Our playroom was completely turned upside down after having so many kids in it.  We were thankful that they had fun, but it was a bummer to clean up.  We literally took two days (about a month later) to reorganize and clean up all of our toys.  I asked the boys if they had any ideas on how to keep the playroom clean and Shaeffer suggested we use “rugs” like in Montessori.  So he’s been doing “demonstrations” for any of our friends who come over to play on how to play with the toys.  We have some rugs that they get out and play with one item at a time (or one theme of items (farm stuff etc..)) at a time.  It’s been working so far and it helps with the clean up and organization of the playroom.  Thanks to Montessori we’ve had a bit more of a peaceful playroom the past few weeks!

The other thing that I have loved about Shaeffer attending Montessori is that he has really learned some independence when it comes to life skills.  He is super proud when he helps out around the house, teaches his brothers things, and makes work, play!  Today we came home from swimming lessons and he and Sutton decided they wanted to make their own Sandwiches for lunch.  Sutton made a turkey sammy and Shaeffer PB & J.  They did a great job and saved mommy a little time… They even cleaned up their mess!  Thank you Mountain Montessori for inspiring our family…

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