Olympic Activity Round-Up…

27 Jul

We have had our very dear friends visiting this week… We just said good-bye a few minutes ago and of course I shed a fair amount of tears :(.  Needless to say we have been busy having fun with them.  Today the boys got out their model magic clay and made some Olympic rings…  I then decided to look into some other fun activities/crafts that we can do the next couple of weeks while the Olympics are on..  Here are some fun ideas I found…

Model Magic (any clay would work) Olympic Rings by Mommyapolis:


Olympic Collage by Jennifer’s Little World:

Salt Dough Medals by The Imagination Tree:

How cute are these torches from Ms. Candiquik?

M&M Cake, by Flossie Crums= adorable

And what about a good old fashioned Beef Wellington for dinner… This one is from Tyler Florence


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