First Day of School Quotes, Pics and Just a Few Tears :)

24 Aug

Big Day in our house… Sutton started 1st Grade and Shaeffer started Kindergarten…  Mommy shed only a few tears as did Sutton…  Both boys were having a BLAST by the time we left, however, which turned our tears into smiles…  The day would not be complete without a few quotes (after the pics)…  Blogging is like journaling so some day I’ll look back at these and giggle… Who am I kidding, I already giggle when I read them!  What fun boys we have!!!

I love this picture of Shaeffer’s classroom… It just reminds me so much of my first days of teaching Kindergarten and all the adult “helpers” I would need in the classroom to help me out :).

…  And here is our studious little Sutton getting right to work 🙂

Here are some of my favorite QUOTES from the First Day…



You know Mommy I don’t really want to go to first grade…

Actually, I was thinking you could homeschool me…

You better tie those in double knots, kids run fast at school…

Don’t step in that poop, your teacher wouldn’t like you to stink on your first day…


MOM, I had fun!!!

Good thing you tied those in double knots, teachers don’t tie your shoes in first grade so you’d have to go barefoot if they came untied, even in the snow!

I ate lunch with all the girls.  They love me so much that they chased me all over the playground and I just think they are silly!



I’ve decided I’ll go whole day to help Sutton…

I actually think I’ll go half day because I’ll miss you…

OK.  I’ll go whole day…

Did you know Mrs. Lucas has a Party Bear?  (A WHAT)  A PARTY BEAR… You put it in your chair when you have to go Party…  (OH A POTTY BEAR, HA HA)….  This is one fun classroom!

There she is (referring to his teacher as if he had just seen the most famous person in the world)!

I’ll do great Momma…  Love you…


AS HE JUMPS INTO MY ARMS:  Mommy it was so fun!  I am already so smart!

I have a book to read to you and it’s EASY PEASY

I didn’t eat all my pudding so I left it in my lunchbox (can you imagine the mess)

I am bringing home a very special folder- but it’s not for you, you don’t get to keep it, it’s for you to see and then give back to Mrs. Lucas!

Sut- A girl told me hot lunch is gross, you don’t want to ever eat it… it’s gross Sut, don’t ask mom for hot lunch, always bring your lunch!

I only remember one friends name, Ian…

Mom, What was my new friend’s name again?







One Response to “First Day of School Quotes, Pics and Just a Few Tears :)”

  1. Nicolle September 5, 2012 at 9:20 PM #

    Holy cow Shannon!! I can’t believe how big the boys are!!! You and Ben have done a great job with them!

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