Wild West Days…

30 Sep


In the past two weeks I have found myself being reminded that it’s so important to have fun with your kids.  Laugh, play, and do silly things together… That’s what we want them to remember about us right?  The house chores can wait, the laundry can build, the meals can be leftover, and the basement can stay “off limits”.   I don’t want my boys remembering me as the mom who was always cleaning up :).  This week that meant enjoying the Wild Wild West together.

This weekend we attended a fundraiser for the public schools in Eagle County.  The theme was “Wild West” and it really was a blast getting dressed up and heading to the ranch!  They had games, food, pony rides, hay rides, and so much more.  I don’t always LOVE crowds, but my boys really were having so much fun that it was worth it.  We spent more money then we wanted, filled up on hotdogs and ice cream, and came home with silly bands, finger puppets and sticky fingers.  THESE ARE THE DAYS 🙂

Enjoy your week and remember to PLAY WITH YOUR KIDDOS…

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