Halloween Spider Project

29 Oct

We are making these in my son’s class for the Halloween party…  I think they are so easy, so cute, and so fun!  If you’re looking for something last minute, this is for you!


construction paper for background (any “halloween” color, I chose purple, but I’ve also done this with orange paper)

black construction paper for spider

tempera paint in coordinating halloween color ( I chose orange, but purple would be fun on orange paper)


google eyes

lid to a box or tub

DIRECTIONS:  Remember, kids can do most of these steps on their own, it makes their projects very adorable.  Sutton and Shaeffer did most of this work themselves (I obviously prepped the paint and supplies), but they folded, glued, rolled, painted etc.. on their own!

Squeeze a small amount of paint into a small bowl or cup

Put the marble in the paint and roll it around until it is covered

Put the construction paper in the box lid

Place the marble in the box (on top of the construction paper) and let your child roll the marble around making a ‘web’ like design

You may need to re dip the marble a couple of times to get the desired web design

Set your picture aside to dry

Trace something circular on black construction paper for the spider’s body, I used a jar of salsa 🙂 that was out from lunch!

Cut 8 half inch strips of black paper for the legs

Accordion fold/fan fold the strips of black paper so the legs are wiggly

Glue the legs onto the body of the spider

Glue the entire body and legs onto the web you painted earlier.

Add the google eyes



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