My Dishwasher Secret

3 Nov

When we moved to Colorado we had this awful problem with our dishes.  Every time I took them out of the dishwasher they had this weird white film on them…  It was ruining my dishes.  Our home here has much harder water than we did in Minnesota so I attribute this oddness to the water.  We also don’t have a water softener here, which we did in Minnesota, so that could be part of it too.   I researched all sorts of remedies including adding bleach to the cycle, lemishine, vinegar alone, etc..  I tried different kinds of detergent, turning on the hot water in the sink before running the dishes and even only running it in the morning.  NOTHING worked…  I then decided to combine a few of the remedies and TADA it worked.  So here is my “SECRET” dishwasher recipe.  I actually wish I would have discovered this in Minnesota because I think it might have saved my glasses from that awful etching..

OK it’s not that tricky!

1.  Put your favorite dishwasher detergent in the CLOSED portion of the door only.  DO NOT put it in the open part…

2.  In the open part of the dishwasher slot, put a Tablespoon of baking soda…

3.  In the base of your dishwasher, yes the tub part, under the bottom rack poor some vinegar.  I probably use about a cup a cycle, maybe a little less.

4.  I do still use a drying agent (like jet dry) but that really is up to you…

Run your cycle as normal.  I promise you will have sparkly clean dishes…

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