February Love Jobs

22 Jan


For the first 14 days of February our family reaches out to others to show our love.  We call these acts of service/giving “Love Jobs” and we keep our love jobs in our “Love Jar”…  We’d love for you to join us in spreading love this February, here is the scoop:


1.  We took a small mason jar and decorated it with heart stickers, bows etc.. to make it all “cute”.

2.  As a family we brainstormed some ways that we could love others this month.  I’ve attached our list, but please go ahead and brainstorm your own “love jobs”.

3.  I typed up our love jobs and printed them out.  We then cut them into strips and put them inside our love jar.

4.  Every morning, starting on February 1st and ending on February 14th, we pick one strip of paper out of the jar and perform that act of kindness that day.

5.   Some of our jobs include bringing cookies to a neighbor, donating toys to a local shelter, writing notes to grandparents, bringing treats to our teachers, etc..  I’ve attached our list below, feel free to adapt it to your family!

February love jobs


  1. Make a list of three people you’d like to pray for this week.
  2. Find one toy of your own that you would like to donate to a child in need.
  3. Fill a grocery bag with food items from your pantry and deliver it to a local food shelf.
  4. Bring a special treat to your teacher and tell her you appreciate her.
  5. Take cookies to a neighbor!
  6. Help make a meal for some friends.  Invite them over to enjoy it or drop it off at their house.
  7. Draw a picture for your grandparents and mail it to them today!
  8. Take some money out of your piggy bank and put it in an envelop to take to church for the offering.
  9. Call a friend and tell them how special they are to you.
  10. 10.   Draw pictures for the neighbors and leave them on their doorstep with a few special candy treats.
  11. Help Mom and Dad with a cleaning project around the house today.
  12. Fill a bag with new school supplies and drop them off at a local school for students who may have run out.
  13.  Make a special lunch for your brother or sister to take to school.
  14.  Buy flowers at the store and give them to a stranger.

click here for the printable version of the February love jobs



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