Security Breach…

24 Jan


I appreciate the added security websites have these days.  It makes paying bills, ordering items online and engaging in social media seems a bit more safe…  I have a COMPLAINT, however…


On Sunday, 1/20/13 my I was driving my children home from a fun morning on the mountain.  My middle son (6 year old-Shaeffer) was handling my cell phone in the back seat of the car while I carefully drove us all home :).  Shaeffer is notorious for his curiosity.  He will be an engineer some day.  To make my long story a bit shorter I will not bore you with all the details, but basically somehow he logged me out/I got kicked out of facebook and he was of course pushing buttons and entered my password incorrectly several times.  Facebook doesn’t like this, I GUESS…  When I was home and comfy on my couch it directed me to a few security questions and a prompt to change my password.  I went ahead and did this.  Facebook sent me a generic, clearly automated email saying my password had been changed and I needed to verify.  Of course I did this and thought everything would be dandy.  NOPE…  I was locked out of my account…  Exactly 24 hours later I received another email from facebook asking me to log into my account.  I did and this is the message I received:

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 3.21.36 PM

I debated and researched, not sure if I was being scammed, and decided to participate in confirming my identity.  That was on Monday…  It’s Thursday and I still do not have access to my account nor do I have any information on when I might actually have access to my account again.  YOU DO, however- You can see my account, post on my wall, check out my pictures, etc.. but I cannot…  I can’t even access my account to delete it.  I can’t remove my pictures.  I can’t see your friendly comments…  FACEBOOK IS MORE SECURE THAN MY BANK, I’M SURE OF IT!

I’m actually fine with being locked out, I don’t need it that much, but it does bother me that everyone else can see my account and I can’t (unless I look through my husband’s account).  It bothers me that there is no way for me to contact facebook with out getting an automated response.  They don’t take phone calls.  When you email them the response is automatic…  I just think it’s poor customer service…  For such a large and successful company you would think they’d be more kind, friendly and helpful..  GUESS NOT 😦

I’m not boycotting Facebook- I like Facebook… I just think it’s silly that my 6 year old created such a security breach that we have now been locked out for going on 6 days…  yet I see inappropriate things posted on people’s walls (spam) all the time…  seems crazy!

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