Flat Stanley

10 Mar


My first six years teaching I taught first grade.  As part of our geography unit we read the story of Flat Stanley.  Stanley is a little boy who gets squished by a bulletin board and is so flat he can fit in an envelop and travel :).  Sounds dreamy, right :).  Each student would then decorate a Flat _______ (insert your child’s name here) and send it to someone in another state, country etc..  That person would then take a picture of Flat Stanley in that respective location and send it back to our classroom.  We would then map out all the different places “Flat” had visited.  My most famous visit was with Brett Farve who happened to play for the Packers at that time.  It was cool to have Brett on our bulletin board holding Flat :).  SO ANY WAYS, Fast forward 12 years and we received “Flat Jensen” in the mail.  F.J. as we lovingly called him spent some time in the mountains doing some pretty fun things… Here’s what FJ did while in the Vail Valley…  I think this is a great project to do with your kids and I’m a little sad neither of my boys have done this yet.  Maybe we’ll make a bunch of Flat S’Brothers and send them out this summer and chart his travels on our own!  I actually just found a flatstanley.com site with lots of fun activities.  There is even a flat stanley app!

jensen2-1 jensen1-1 jensen5 jensen6-1 jensen5-1Now we hope REAL JENSEN comes to visit us!  Thanks for including us in your project Jensen, we had a great time with F.J.


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