Easter Bunny Craft

17 Mar

With Easter falling a little earlier this year I have to be on my toes about making Easter decorations!  This is one we’ve made in the past, but it is an all time fav!    It’s fun to make in the spring because if you hang it near a window it will blow every so lightly with the spring breeze!  We made three of these yesterday (all different in color) and the kids loved swishing them around and creating their own “wind”….  You can probably figure out how I did this just by looking at the picture, but if not, HERE’S THE SCOOP:

You’ll Need:

Construction Paper



Cotton Ball (for the tail, not pictured)

Puff Ball for the nose

Tissue Paper


Roll a piece of construction paper into a tube shape. Glue or staple the seams.  Cut out and glue on some ears, whiskers and a nose.  The nose has a hard time sticking, so just press down for a minute or two to assure it sticks.  Cotton Balls seem to stick great if you want to use one for the nose.  We used them for the tail…  Let these dry prior to drawing on the mouth and eyes.  You can also use google eyes if you prefer.  Cut out strips of tissue paper for the bottom and glue or staple them on.  VIOLA a bunny windsock….

PS.  In the background you can probably see that we water painted some giant Easter eggs…  This took up A LOT of time if you’re looking for a filler!


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