May Day Baskets

17 Apr

May Day is just a few short days away and it’s such a fun time to bless a neighbor or friend!  These baskets are so easy and you can fill them with little treats and then “ding dong ditch” your neighbors/friends/family with a purpose!  SO FUN…  Here’s The Scoop:

You’ll Need

Construction Paper







To Make the cone shaped basket you will need to cut a 9.5×11 sheet of paper into a half circle shape.  Depending on the insect you choose to make you might need to use two colors….

Once you’ve made your half circle shape you will just “roll” the paper into a cone shape and staple, tape or glue it into place…

Then you will need to trace a circle for the head (I used a one cup measuring cup)…  Draw some wings, antenna, eyes, etc.. We used glue stick to attach the head, antenna and eyes.  I stapled the wings to the back of each of the cones just to make sure they would stay!  We drew the spots and faces on with markers, but you could use google eyes and stickers too if you wanted.   I cut a one inch thick/11 inch long piece of paper for the handle of the basket.   The boys had a lot of fun with this!  You can really make them your own!   Add treats and gifts and TADA!


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