12 Apr

As a mommy do you sometimes find yourself a little “behind the times” on modern culture?  Sometimes I feel like I’m literally a half a step behind, while other times I’m lagging by more than a mile…  Well, here’s my admission- Until last week, I did not know what #tbt was… I have seen it all over instagram and probably twitter too (although I’m not a big tweeter), but really basically thought nothing of it.  And then I started noticing that a lot more people were doing it…  SO I googled it and found out it means Throwback Thursday 🙂 You probably totally knew that, right?  I’m thinking it’s just me who lives under a rock sometimes!  Either way, I’m happy to admit I have caught up on at least one of pop cultures trends and have decided to #tbt here too….  I’m doing this mostly for my parents because I think they’ll get a kick out of seeing the pics, but you might giggle a little too… Obviously I’m a day late (welcome to mommy hood) on my #tbt, but if you follow me on instagram you will know I totally #tbt ‘d on time yesterday 🙂 OK so here goes…

911471_10200429624597253_646528939_nThis is me… I’m thinking, based on chubby fingers, I’m about 2 and three quarters, opening my first lite brite…  I’m so glad that toy made a comeback because my boys love it!  I have no idea what those penguin things are, but they look like loads of fun too!  I dare you to #tbt soon too 🙂



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