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Ode to Boston #tbt

25 Apr


Ode to Boston….  Me, circa early 80’s maybe???   My Mom is originally from Boston… It is where my Maternal side of the family still resides so I have spent a lot of time there over my 30+ years….  There is part of me that is proud to say I have a little “Boston” in me especially after seeing how strong they’ve been the past week!  My mom tells me this is her favorite picture of me as a child :).  I’m enjoying some lunch at Regina Pizzeria either in the North End of Boston or at Faneuil Hall , THE BEST PIZZA EVER!  I think I look exhausted, it must have been a big day for us!  I think she loves it because Boston is her home, Regina’s is her favorite, and it reminds her of our trips there.   I noticed that there are lots of Regina’s around the city these days, but my Mother informs me that this was when there was just two…. The North End is one of my very favorite places to visit when I’m in the city.  There is such personality and history there and the food is scrumptious!   I really want to bring my boys there soon so they can enjoy some of my favorite places, as well!  Maybe I can replicate this photo…Any ways, I thought it was a fun picture for Throwback Thursday!  Now I’m hungry for pizza :)…  Regina’s Pizza- I wonder if they deliver to Vail, Colorado??????

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