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Mommy should get the treats… Potty Training is No Fun :(

12 Sep

Well, it’s that time again…  Time to Potty Train #3.  My Potty training findings are the same as they were 5 years ago….

1.  Mommy Should Get the Treats!

2.  I don’t know what I’m doing!

3.  Is it considered potty training if you are constantly saying, “do you have to go potty”?

4.  I wonder if you can hire this out?



Why is this so hard?  I have a Master’s Degree for goodness sake… IN EDUCATION, but guess what?  They did not teach me to potty train my kids.  So to all the MOM’s out there, this is hard and that’s OK…  I will not judge you if your child still wears diapers in Kindergarten, at least my #3 won’t be alone 🙂

Here is a little #TBT for you…

IMG_2841 IMG_2837




25 Jul


#TBT- The Beach: Then & Now

13 Jun

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Throwback Thursday #tbt

23 May


I’m not really sure why I picked this picture for #TBT, but when I stumbled upon it this morning I just giggled to myself…  This pic was taken roughly 11 years ago in the lovely town of LAS VEGAS :).  I was there for a dear friend’s bachelorette party…  There are several funny things I remember from this trip.  One being that I missed about a thousand flights just to get to Las Vegas and the airlines kept telling me I needed “the sheet” to reschedule my flights…  What sheet you ask???  I’m still really not sure, but the gist of the story is I did finally arrive in Vegas (one day late) ready for some bachelorette-ing.  We did tons of fun things that weekend, but seeing Blue Man Group was definitely a highlight.  I’m not sure if it was because of the show itself (a definite must see) or if it was because my at the time pregnant friend Lynn was a bit afraid of the blue men :), either way, it really was a blast!   Girl time is always the best, and this fun weekend ranks right up there with the best of the best!  P.S.  The Blue Man is not my handsomely bald hubby…

Ode to Boston #tbt

25 Apr


Ode to Boston….  Me, circa early 80’s maybe???   My Mom is originally from Boston… It is where my Maternal side of the family still resides so I have spent a lot of time there over my 30+ years….  There is part of me that is proud to say I have a little “Boston” in me especially after seeing how strong they’ve been the past week!  My mom tells me this is her favorite picture of me as a child :).  I’m enjoying some lunch at Regina Pizzeria either in the North End of Boston or at Faneuil Hall , THE BEST PIZZA EVER!  I think I look exhausted, it must have been a big day for us!  I think she loves it because Boston is her home, Regina’s is her favorite, and it reminds her of our trips there.   I noticed that there are lots of Regina’s around the city these days, but my Mother informs me that this was when there was just two…. The North End is one of my very favorite places to visit when I’m in the city.  There is such personality and history there and the food is scrumptious!   I really want to bring my boys there soon so they can enjoy some of my favorite places, as well!  Maybe I can replicate this photo…Any ways, I thought it was a fun picture for Throwback Thursday!  Now I’m hungry for pizza :)…  Regina’s Pizza- I wonder if they deliver to Vail, Colorado??????


12 Apr

As a mommy do you sometimes find yourself a little “behind the times” on modern culture?  Sometimes I feel like I’m literally a half a step behind, while other times I’m lagging by more than a mile…  Well, here’s my admission- Until last week, I did not know what #tbt was… I have seen it all over instagram and probably twitter too (although I’m not a big tweeter), but really basically thought nothing of it.  And then I started noticing that a lot more people were doing it…  SO I googled it and found out it means Throwback Thursday 🙂 You probably totally knew that, right?  I’m thinking it’s just me who lives under a rock sometimes!  Either way, I’m happy to admit I have caught up on at least one of pop cultures trends and have decided to #tbt here too….  I’m doing this mostly for my parents because I think they’ll get a kick out of seeing the pics, but you might giggle a little too… Obviously I’m a day late (welcome to mommy hood) on my #tbt, but if you follow me on instagram you will know I totally #tbt ‘d on time yesterday 🙂 OK so here goes…

911471_10200429624597253_646528939_nThis is me… I’m thinking, based on chubby fingers, I’m about 2 and three quarters, opening my first lite brite…  I’m so glad that toy made a comeback because my boys love it!  I have no idea what those penguin things are, but they look like loads of fun too!  I dare you to #tbt soon too 🙂



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