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Father’s Day Recipe Book

1 Jun

Anyone who knows my Dad, Larry, knows that he is the town “Pickle Man”…  He makes all sorts of different kinds of pickles from dill to sour, refrigerators to sweet.  He keeps his recipes in a box in his garage… They are all scribble scratched up with notes and formulas, changes and additions.  One of my boys favorite thing to do at G’s house is help him make and eat pickles…  I decided that this Father’s Day I would make him a book of recipes from the boys… It’s still in progress, but it has pictures of my boys helping to harvest the cucumbers, onions, dill etc.. that you need for pickling, as well as photographs of his famous pickles themselves!   The pictures coincide with the different recipes I’ve tried to translate into readable form :).  I also included some of our other favorite recipes that we enjoy at “G’s” house just because I had the pages to do so :)!   I’m ordering the finished product from a site called paper coutier that has excellent deals right now.  They have tons of varieties of books (from recipe books to journals) you can personalize for that special dad or grandpa in your family!

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