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A Great Day for BUBBLES….

1 Jun

Homemade Bubble Recipe

2 Cups Dish Soap (I have found Joy works the best, but any are fine)

6 Cups Water

¾ Cup White Karo Syrup   or 2T glycerin (available at drugstore)

Combine, shake, and let settle for 4 hours before using.  Again, we’ve used this right away I just don’t shake it as much…

Store covered in the refrigerator to extend suds shelf life. Then allow warming before using.   I store it in my garage and it seems “perfect”

Bubble Tips

• Do not stir wand in suds, this avoids foaming.

• If foam develops, scrape off with stiff card.

• Keep suds clean, avoid dirt, grass, bugs etc.

• Use a 9×13 cake an or pizza pan for suds.

• Bubbles are best on humid days

• Joy and Karo syrup work best. Other brands will work, just maybe not as “awesome”

• Direct sun light weakens suds.

• If bubbles get in eyes, Rinse with water

BUBBLE WAND:  Bend a metal hanger or even just a pipe cleaner into desired shape (but the bubbles will still be round)…For small wands tie a twist tie to a straw.

Who doesn’t love bubbles?

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