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Scrapbook Paper Turkey Craft

17 Nov


This morning the boys wanted to do another turkey craft.  I kid you not when I say we have an entire wall of turkey crafts :)… I’ll post a pic of the “Thanksgiving” wall on Facebook!  I see why they don’t want to eat turkey now :).

Here’s The Scoop:

This craft can be done with any kind of paper or even a paper plate if you want.  We just did scrapbook paper because it made them a little more colorful.  I’ve made these turkey’s before using construction paper in all different colors for the feathers- also very cute!  You could also just use white paper and let them color the body brown and decorate the feathers how ever they want!   Do what you can!


* Scrapbook Paper, Construction Paper, Typing Paper



*Google Eyes OR Black Marker/Crayon

*Tissue Paper or red paper for “waddle”


1.  Cut out a circle shape for the body… I trace an ice cream bucket lid :).

2.  Cut out a beak and feet…  Older kids can do this on their own…

3.  Cut strips of paper for the feathers.  I cut about 1 inch strips…

4.  Roll the strips of paper around a pencil or your finger.  Once you/your kids get a hang of it you won’t need the pencil!  My boys had a blast rolling and re-rolling and re-re- rolling…

5.  Glue him all together!


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