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Easy Turkey Day Craft

25 Nov


This is one of my favorite projects! I used to make these with my classroom kiddos every year! This year I made them at church with my Sunday School class! We also wrote about being Thankful for what we’ve been blessed with! Super easy, very thoughtful and loads of fun!

Here’s the scoop:

Take an old fashioned coffee filter and lay it flat… Use water paints to paint a fun design or tie dye type collage- what ever your heart desires! While it is drying use construction paper to cut out a body, beak, legs, waddle & eyes… Glue everything together and TADA!!! Gobble Gobble!


Gobble Gobble Shape Turkey

3 Nov


My 6 year old invented this craft all on his own… He calls it his “shape turkey”… I kid you not he did every ounce of this one all by himself… The idea was his and he ran with it! I’m thinking the other two might want to make one now too! Here was his plan… He cut out his body, painted it brown… Cut out the shapes for his eyes, beak, feathers, feet, and waddle all on his own… Glued it all together and “tada”! Good job Shaeffer!!!

Scrapbook Paper Turkey Craft

17 Nov


This morning the boys wanted to do another turkey craft.  I kid you not when I say we have an entire wall of turkey crafts :)… I’ll post a pic of the “Thanksgiving” wall on Facebook!  I see why they don’t want to eat turkey now :).

Here’s The Scoop:

This craft can be done with any kind of paper or even a paper plate if you want.  We just did scrapbook paper because it made them a little more colorful.  I’ve made these turkey’s before using construction paper in all different colors for the feathers- also very cute!  You could also just use white paper and let them color the body brown and decorate the feathers how ever they want!   Do what you can!


* Scrapbook Paper, Construction Paper, Typing Paper



*Google Eyes OR Black Marker/Crayon

*Tissue Paper or red paper for “waddle”


1.  Cut out a circle shape for the body… I trace an ice cream bucket lid :).

2.  Cut out a beak and feet…  Older kids can do this on their own…

3.  Cut strips of paper for the feathers.  I cut about 1 inch strips…

4.  Roll the strips of paper around a pencil or your finger.  Once you/your kids get a hang of it you won’t need the pencil!  My boys had a blast rolling and re-rolling and re-re- rolling…

5.  Glue him all together!


Make a Turkey with Leaves! Quick before it snows :)

7 Nov

This is a project the boys and I did last year right before we moved.  A friend of mine from MOPS found this project in the MOMMYAPOLIS archives and she told me she made these as Thanksgiving cards for their relatives- super cute idea!  What ever you decide to do, I think you should make these before it snows so that you can use the leaves that are scattered all around your yard!

Here is the process…

Gobble Gobble, Fall Leaves Project!

13 Oct


A couple days ago we went on a fall leaf hunt around the neighborhood… I wanted to make something that was different than the traditional rubbings, trees etc.. so I decided on a turkey…  We are in the middle of a move so everything seems to take a little bit longer so I apologize if you Mommyapolis Face Book friends have been waiting for these pics…  I’ve also found that I am quickly forgetting about October, so sorry if this is a little early for you!  Save your leaves and make these in time for Thanksgiving…  You’ll need construction paper in brown, orange and red…  Colorful leaves, googley eyes and GLUE!  I did the paper parts the boys did everything else!

Here is the process…



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