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Gobble Gobble Shape Turkey

3 Nov


My 6 year old invented this craft all on his own… He calls it his “shape turkey”… I kid you not he did every ounce of this one all by himself… The idea was his and he ran with it! I’m thinking the other two might want to make one now too! Here was his plan… He cut out his body, painted it brown… Cut out the shapes for his eyes, beak, feathers, feet, and waddle all on his own… Glued it all together and “tada”! Good job Shaeffer!!!

Make a Turkey with Leaves! Quick before it snows :)

7 Nov

This is a project the boys and I did last year right before we moved.  A friend of mine from MOPS found this project in the MOMMYAPOLIS archives and she told me she made these as Thanksgiving cards for their relatives- super cute idea!  What ever you decide to do, I think you should make these before it snows so that you can use the leaves that are scattered all around your yard!

Here is the process…

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