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Witch Craft :) LOL

28 Sep


My boys are completely ready for Halloween.  They’ve been discussing costumes, party favors and decorations.  In true S Brother’s style they’ve started making their own crafty decorations for Halloween.  This project was inspired by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Episode, The Wizard of Dizz…  Of course you can see why :).  My big boys have seen the Wizard of Oz, but my 2 year old has not so we have to go with the Mickey Version when he’s around…


Here’s the Scoop:

You’ll Need:

Construction Paper

Fabric Scraps

Buttons or Puff Balls



Ribbon or Noodles for bows



Depending on the age of your children you’ll need to cut out the dress, fabric patch and shoes.  My older boys were able to do this themselves.  Glue these things on so the dress is at the top of the page.  Let your younger children do the gluing if they are able.  The rest is pretty simple, glue on the bows, buttons, patch etc..  Draw the legs of your witch and TADA… You have yourself the KIND or Wicked witch of the East… or what ever you want to name her…  🙂  What joy this time of the year brings to our little ones!



Apple Season

11 Sep

This weekend we enjoyed some amazing summer temps.  The boys were swimming in the lake most of the day Saturday and Today, it was great!  I have a feeling it might have been one of our last swims of the season!  We also noticed that the apples are just about ripe on the tree, which reminded me that apple season is upon us!  YEAH!  I love apple season.  I love apple cider, apple pie, apple sauce, carmel apples, mmmmm…   We made an adorable apple craft, as well.  This one was pretty quick and easy!  I saw an image online of a button watermelon and I figured you could do the same thing with an apple.  I would really like to do the watermelon, as well, so we might do that once we pick the melon’s we planted in the garden… OOO and a button pumpkin might be cute too…  Any ways, Here’s the scoop…

You’ll Need:

Red construction paper

White/cream construction paper

Red  & Green buttons


Glue (elmer’s)


I cut out an apple shape for the boys (older kids can cut their own apple, little kids could too actually and it might be pretty cute).  They glued buttons all over it…  Then we drew the stem with glue and also glued buttons for that… See, SO SO SO easy!  LOVE THAT!

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