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Easy Yoda Craft!

5 Dec


My newly 4 year old has made this craft twice already and will probably want to make it again today ūüėÄ! It’s very easy because it’s just shapes glued together! If you would like to download a template for free, please visit my tpt store by clicking here! ¬†It’s also great practice in identifying shapes- cutting (if desired) and gluing! In the one pictured I had the shapes all cut out and a picture of Yoda printed out and let him glue them how he thought Yoda looked! He did a pretty great job!!! The second one he made with his 8 year old brother and he cut the shapes out himself! I don’t have a picture because I have no idea where he “hid” this Yoda ūüėČ! If I find it I’ll post it! Enjoy!!!!

Handprint Santa

12 Dec

HO HO HO… ¬†These Santa’s are super cute and super easy to make! ¬†You could make them on folded construction paper as a holiday card…. You could make them and laminate them as an ornament…. ¬† You can make them and hang them on your fridge or door to your garage… What ever you choose, they are simply adorable…

Step 1: ¬†I use Green or Blue construction paper size 9×11, but you choose!

Step 2:  I used a paint brush and painted my little guys hands with white tempera paint which makes them giggle and I just love that sound!

Step 3:  Carefully stamp their hand on the construction paper

Step 4: ¬†Draw and cut out a santa hat from red paper… ¬†Depending on the age of your children you can do this for them or they can do it themselves. ¬†Let them glue it on….

Step 5:  I used cotton balls and let them dip it in the paint to decorate their hats.  If you prefer you could let them glue cotton to the tip of the had and also to the rim.

Step 6:  Draw or glue on eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks.  I used eye stickers, but they could easily cut them out of paper, draw them with markers or even glue on googlies.


Fruit Loop Art

12 Mar

Well with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner the boys have been busy learning about rainbows, shamrocks, and good luck! ¬†Here is a super easy project we completed this week! ¬†All you need is some construction paper, glue, and Fruit Loops Cereal!

Owl craft

16 Feb

The boys and I made an owl craft as their Valentines this year… ¬†They were very easy, but time consuming when you figure we had to make 40+… ¬†You could make these non-valentiny by making ¬†triangle beaks and feet… ¬†I drew everything else for my preschoolers and let them cut and glue like crazy… ¬†We made all different color combinations too… ¬†I think they would be a great craft for a birthday party, church craft, classroom, or rainy day! ¬†

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