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Halloween Pumpkin Craft

17 Oct



This is one of my favorite Halloween crafts.  I’ve done it for years with all ages of kids.  You know your little ones the best- let them do as much as they can on their own and help them where needed!  ENJOY!


STEP 1:  Cut a pumpkin out of orange paper;  I traced a bowl to get a more accurate circle, but pumpkins are rarely accurate so free handing it is just fine!


Step 2:  Draw two zig-zag lines down the pumpkin.  Again, older children can do this themselves, little ones might need help with the cutting!


Step 3:  Cut along the Zig Zag Lines and glue your “puzzle pumpkin” to a black piece of paper…  We used a glue stick as it’s much less messy!  


4.  Cut out the faces (independently or with help from an adult).  


Step 5:  TADA

Cute and easy Halloween Decorations…

25 Oct




9.5×11 orange construction paper (you can use bigger paper for bigger pumpkins)

Black, Green, or Brown construction paper for stem (and face if you want)

Glue/Glue Stick

Stapler (or glue again)


Cut one inch strips out of the orange construction paper.  For my preschoolers I first fan folded the paper and then let them cut along the folded lines.  This seemed to work pretty well for them.  The bigger pumpkins were fan folded the “long” way and the smaller pumpkins the “short” way.

Take the one inch strips and lay them out like a “sun” making sure that the ends of each of the orange pieces are on top of each other.  Glue these ends together.  Pinch them together to make sure they are stuck.  Then curve the other pieces up again so the tops of the paper are overlapping at the top.  I then staple these together so that they are certain to stay together.

To add the stem I just folded one end of the paper and had them glue it to the top. We then added the faces, pom pom balls etc.. with glue!  EASY PEEZY!  Here is a close up of one of the ones my three year old made.  You can see that he did the cutting, glueing etc..  It’s not “perfect” but it is more adorable than perfect in my eyes…

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