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Vail America Days

6 Jul


The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays…  Living in Vail makes it even more awesome!  This year the 4th of July lasted three full days with games, bounce houses, fire works, parades, more fire works, BBQ’s, and lots of friends!  A highlight each year is the Vail America Days Parade in which Young Life has a float!  The boys and I had an awesome time reconnecting with some amazing friends that help to sponsor the YL float!  We also loved passing out candy and “swag” to our favorite onlookers at the parade!   Parades seem like the epitome (to me) of small town America, that and of course the fire works :).  We watched an amazing display on the 3rd in Avon, Colorado and then watched them from home on the 4th.  It was so fun to just step outside and see fireworks from our front yard!  After they were done, the entire neighborhood cheered… That’s how you know you live in small town America!  I hope you enjoyed your 4th as much as we did!

DSC_8752 DSC_8760 DSC_8863

4th of July Hats

2 Jul

This year we are going to the famous (at least that’s what we hear) Vail, Colorado 4th of July Parade…  We thought these hats would be fun to wear to the parade or even if we happen to be “in” the parade (Young Life has a float this year).  For all of my Minnesota friends, we used to make a tradition of going to Edina’s annual 4th of July parade, which is spectacular and highly recommended!  I’m sure a town near you has a parade too and it really is a fun tradition to start with your kiddos!  OH and how fashionable could you be with a hat like this????  Make one today!

Here’s the scoop:

You’ll Need:

Construction paper

Stickers, clip art etc… how ever you want to decorate your hats


***  I basically cut one inch strips in a large piece of construction paper…  I let the kids go crazy and decorate to their hearts content.  Very easy and very fun!  Here are a couple pics from the Edina Parade….

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