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Homemade Valentine’s

23 Jan

I love Valentine’s Day… I know I’m one of those sappy people that has fallen victim to Hallmark, but I don’t care :).  I love to celebrate those we love and if I GET a designated day to do it, then by all means!  One thing I do think is important is to teach my children to tell people how they feel…  For this reason I INSIST that they make their own Valentines every year.  We have not even DISCUSSED what they want to do this year, but in the mean time, I’ll share some of our past favorites!  





My boys made these before they were even in preschool… We just gave each of our neighbor friends sand buckets and shovels…   Easy and cute for little ones!  

When the bigs were in preschool I cut hearts out of white paper, they wrote their names in sharpie,  and then they water painted them for their friends.  This is one of my favorites- I think I might bring it back this year for Sanders.  

BDP_9763 BDP_9765


photo BDP_1447


How about making a Valentine for the birds…  This is a fun one to give to neighbors, as well!  For the directions to this craft click here… 

DSC_0866 DSC_0875

Penguins are always a hit!  Sutton is a huge penguin fan so making a penguin box and valentines was a must!!!  


Valentine you’re GRRRRREAT!  








These were the ones we made last year… Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a blog because then I could reproduce these ideas each year :).  


Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 7.55.05 PM

soup-er teacher

Last year we gave fun little soup bowls from Pier One to our teachers with a bag of fancy soup mix and this little note… If you click on the PDF you can print your own!  

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